What Is Microsoft Viva: 7 Key Features

Microsoft viva

Microsoft Via is one of the newer Microsoft apps and is becoming a buzzword in the workplace, but what exactly is Microsoft Viva? In this post we’ll look more into this product and 7 key features it offers organisations.

What Is Microsoft Viva?

Launched in 2021, Microsoft Viva is a relatively new employee experience platform that brings together communications, insights, learning, and knowledge into an integrated experience. It’s designed to help employee teams stay engaged and informed. It’s positioned to be HR’s best friend

7 Features of Microsoft Viva

1. Viva Connections

Imagine having a central hub where you can access all your company’s news, policies, and conversations. Viva Connections offers you this solution. It’s like a virtual office that keeps everyone connected.

2. Viva Insights

What is Microsoft Viva Insights? Have you ever wondered how your team is performing? Viva Insights gives you the data you need to understand your team’s work patterns and make informed decisions. Allowing you to analyse the data and make informed decisions.

3. Viva Learning

As a business owner you know how crucial training and development is, and Microsoft Viva Learning makes this aspect of your business operations easier. 

For example, imagine you need to get your team up to speed with a new software tool. Instead of scheduling multiple training sessions or sending out lengthy manuals, you can use Viva Learning.

With Microsoft Viva Learning, you can create a customised learning path that includes video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and quizzes. You can share this learning path with your team directly within Microsoft Teams, where you all already communicate and collaborate.

Your team can access the learning materials at their own pace, ask questions, and engage with the content right from their Teams interface. You can track their progress, see who has completed the training, and even identify areas where additional support might be needed. Can you see why this tool is HR’s best friend?

4. Viva Topics

Finding information can be time-consuming. Viva Topics helps you to organise content across your organisation into related topics, so you can find what you need quickly.

5. Microsoft Viva Integrates With Other Microsoft Products

This is yet another fantastic feature that stands out for us. Microsoft Viva integrates with tools like Teams, SharePoint, and more.

Microsoft viva to Teams

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6. Implementation & Customisation

Implementing Microsoft Viva is a simple process, and you can tailor it to fit your specific business needs. Need help getting started? Speak with a managed it service provider in Brisbane today!

7. Microsoft Viva For Small & Large Businesses

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Microsoft Viva scales to meet your specific needs. It’s a flexible tool that grows with you.

Benefits Of Using Microsoft Viva

  • Employee Engagement: It keeps your team connected and engaged.
  • Knowledge Sharing: You can share information effortlessly across the organisation.
  • Productivity Enhancement: It streamlines your workflows and reduces time spent on searching for information.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Microsoft Viva enhances collaboration with integrated tools.

Pricing & Plans

There are various pricing options to suit different budgets and requirements. 9spheres Technologies is a Microsoft 365 provider and can guide you in choosing the right plan for your business. We can provide you with licensing, activation, setup, training and ongoing support. 

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Go to the admin centre and select add users.

Yes, it is a Microsoft app and integrates with Office 365.

Viva Engage is about fostering community and collaboration in the workplace, enabling employees to connect and share ideas. Unlike Viva Connections, which centralises information and tools, Viva Engage emphasises social interaction and relationship-building.

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