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You only know the true value of something when it’s gone. A down network, unstable wi-fi, the loss of data, or an invasion of your systems can potentially cost you business, and in more serious cases, your reputation.

In the transforming work environment we find ourselves in today, one that is continuously evolving, we advise all local Brisbane businesses to give their I.T. infrastructure the attention it

deserves, by turning to the expertise of a managed service provider. Our 9Cloud Solutions Offerings is all inclusive, providing a comprehensive approach for all your business’ technology needs. 

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Managed Wi-fi

Wifi is a common entry point for cyber criminals and a major drain on productivity when it goes down. Our cloud based managed wifi services give you secure, stable wireless connectivity to your network, across various devices. A managed wifi solution can determine who has access, to which application, where it is accessible from and how long guests can stay connected, amongst other preferences.

managed security services

Managed Security Services

Over 85% of Australian small business owners think using antivirus software alone means they’re safe from cyber attacks. Unfortunately, that’s not true and as the modern work environment increasingly moves to the cloud, cyber attacks have become more common. Are you certain that your organisation, your data, and your client information is secure? Even with the benefit of cloud based data solutions, there are a number of security threats that you could open your business up to if you do not implement the appropriate security solutions. 9sphere Technologies’ broad spectrum of multi-layered managed IT security services are operated 24/7 by an expert team to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Managed IT Services

Most SMBs don’t have the resources or professional skills required to make your IT hum. By outsourcing your IT services, you get access to a team of industry experts ensuring your infrastructure is up to date, protected and any downtime is limited. As a managed IT service provider, our managed services help you reduce costs while optimising speed and performance across your network.

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Cloud Managed Firewall

When you hear ‘firewall’ you might think of restricted access. Well, we place a firewall around your network and digital data, keeping it safe and restricted from outside intruders. Firewall security provides the first and most critical layer of protection againstcyber security attacks. Firewalls must be expertly maintained, updated, and monitored under the constant threat of

Data Backup and Recovery

What do you do when your network goes down, is hacked, or your IT system completely fails you? How quickly could you be back up and running? Perhaps you have faced security hacks despite having implemented online security strategies.When a disaster strikes, you’re out of business until you can restore your systems and data. 9spheres Technologies’ data backup services ensures that you always have access to important business data.We also offer data recoveries if your business ever finds itself experiencing a loss of data. In the event of a disaster, your information can be retrieved so that business activity can continue.

9 cloud solution

The "9 Cloud" Solution

Business in the cloud is the new normal, more so in recent years than in the past. We have developed all-inclusive solutions that keep up with the times. We can provide you with cloud-based software and the infrastructure needed to improve workflows, visibility, costs, and generally lower IT complexity across your organisation. Our Managed 9Cloud Solution is a

comprehensive suite of professional IT services for Australian businesses. Our plans are flexible and can be changed month-to-month, as your business needs change. You only pay for the services you need, when you need them. The ‘9 Cloud’ Solution is  innovative, cost effective, and provides all around benefits for your business.

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Industries we support.

Industries we support. 9spheres Technologies has been providing IT managed services to small and medium size businesses in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs since 2009. Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including:

Accounting, Architectural, Banking, Education, Engineering, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Travel, and the Technology industry.

We are experienced at understanding the unique technical, and legal requirements within your industry and delivering successful IT solutions to match your businesses needs.

Our Partners

The best Cloud-based software available.

The best Cloud-based software available. We know IT like you know your business – better than anyone else. We know which software and hardware brands to trust and we can provide you with easy access to some of the world’s leading cloud-based solutions.

We partner with market leaders like Microsoft, Lenovo, HPE, Sophos, and other reputable brands to ensure that your IT infrastructure is always up to date, protected against cyber attacks, and runs the way you, and we, expect it to.

Why use managed IT services?

Focus on your business.

Business owners who ignore the IT component of their business are going to spend more money in the long run. You may struggle with inefficiencies and workflows, and face greater challenges trying to operate smoothly. In the current climate we’re living in, you’re likely to fall victim to cyber attacks.

With our cloud managed IT services:

  • You’ll have access to our reliable support team, both virtually and on-site, providing a full range of digital service, as and when your business needs them.
  • You’ll have the infrastructure you need with Microsoft 365 to receive remote access for all the members in your team, from anywhere, at any time.
  • Your team will be able to share files seamlessly while collaborating and working on files together at the same time.
  • Your data will be securely stored and backed up to avoid any unfortunate events from harming valuable information.
  • Downtimes are minimized and quickly resolved.
  • Your hardware and software are always up to date.

You get expert IT advice, when you need it, helping you manage your business growth better.

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