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What does a IT managed security provider offer you?

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Ensure your company adheres to the latest compliance legislation. A managed security provider keeps your IT updated and protected across multiple devices and locations, securing client and company data.

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Access to Skills

Highly-trained security analysts are costly and generally focus in specific areas only. A managed security provider gives you access to a team of trained, certified and up to date security experts to combat the latest cyber threats.

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How is your critical data it being protected and backed up? Is your information secure when accessed remotely? Cyber attacks are on the rise in Australia, especially against SMEs, and we make sure your infrastrcutre is constantly monitored and protected.

how we can help

Cyber attacks are on the rise in Australia. Protect yourself.

Australia is one of the most targeted countries worldwide for cyber crimes.

9spheres Technologies is able to provide you with a highly-customised, cost-effective IT managed security solution to protect your organisation.

Our complete range of cloud-based security products and services helps you to negotiate the risks of operating a business in an online world. 

With our broad spectrum of best-in-practice security services 9spheres Technologies stands at the absolute forefront of IT security.

Our solutions can be provided as either fully managed (Opex) solutions, customer owned (Capex) solutions, or a combination of the two.

We monitor and manage our managed IT security solutions 24 x 7 offering you complete peace of mind.

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$17,700 is lost every minute due to phishing attacks.

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60% of breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied.

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40% of IT leaders say cyber security jobs are the most difficult to fill.

94% of malware is delivered via email.

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63% of companies said their data was potentially compromised within the last twelve months.

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Data breaches cost enterprises an average of $3.92 million.

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Easy Setup

The main benefits to you

We work with you to put together the best cloud-based managed security solution for your business. The benefits of which include:

24x7x365 monitoring and protection

Use of comprehensive multi-layer security

Expert level protection and system maintenance

Avoid expensive hardware, software and personnel

Legal compliance

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

‘The staff at 9spheres Technologies have been great in helping us handle all our IT requirements, in especially the set-up of new staff accounts on 9cloud as it happens seamlessly with 9spheres Technologies taking all the stress out of it for us’

Matthew Love

Matthew Love Family Lawyers

‘Nick, Alex and their team have helped us immensely. Their professionalism and knowledge is exceptional and response time very fast which is critical in our industry. They have helped us modernise and grow our business very rapidly. Very clever!’

Gary Solah

SQS Haulage

‘Nick and the team have been our IT support for almost 10 years now and in all that time we have never considered changing vendors. They are friendly and professional and as our business has grown substantially, their advice, service and support has been highly valued.’

Kevin Cuyler

Ace Communications

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