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What are the most common reasons you would need IT managed services?

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Cost Savings

Hiring the services and skills available to you through a managed IT service provider is definitely the smarter and more cost-effective management decision.

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Better Uptime

Improve your organisation’s connectivity, both local and remote, your download and upload times as well as data transfer and storage capabilities.

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Improved Security

From data storage to cyber threats and access control, with a managed IT service provider you have a team of expert analysts working 24/7 to keep your business safe across devices and networks.

how we can help

Get a managed IT services plan that fits your organisation

A managed IT service provider takes care of the day-to-day IT management and network technical support that is necessary in your business. 

This can include things like enabling secure access to remote employees, better wifi connectivity, rapid response to downtimes, secure data storage and file transfers, leading protection against changing cyber security threats and more.

Outsourcing these activities not only saves you the time and money required to manage an internal team but also saves you from common errors made by an inadequately resourced team. 

This allows your business’ IT to function well, enabling you to focus on your company’s goals.

Our clients gain immediate benefits when moving their IT services to 9spheres Technologies’ Managed cloud solution.

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A Managed IT Service Provider offers critical technical support to maximise speed, performance and stability.

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Managed Service Agreements give you predictable IT costs enabling more accurate budgeting.

Trained, certified and experienced system engineers will exceed your in-house capabilities at a lower cost.

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Cloud based managed IT gives you a more robust and integrated IT infrastructure.

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Compliance and security requirements are met and continusouly maintained.

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Applications and servers can be managed in a central data center with a cloud based managed IT provider.

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Easy Setup

The main benefits to you

We work with you to put together the best cloud-based managed IT solution for your business. The benefits of which include:

Improved connectivity, speed, security and stability

Reduced risk across your networks

Compliance to legislation

Access to experts in a rapidly changing IT industry

Less downtime with 24/7 network monitoring, guaranteed response times and priority on-site support

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

‘Nick and his team are great to work with. They provide an excellent service and we can always rely upon them when we call them. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

I would recommend them to anybody looking for good IT support.’

Len Watt

Becker Watt Lawyers

‘KWA Blinds have had a service agreement with 9spheres for 10 years. There are so many scams and threats today that a great IT partner is now a necessity. We have found it reassuring to partner with 9spheres and can rely on them for prompt and professional service.’

Sonya Wilson

KWA Blinds

‘Excel Event Hire have been clients for over 5 years and the 9sphere’s team have been fantastic. They are always honest and upfront with what we “need” and what would be “better” and the difference that will make to our operations.’

David Duncalfe

Excel Event Hire

Audit your IT today!

We offer you an audit of your current IT network infrastructure and identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Get in touch if you woul’d like us to do that for you.