Managed Wifi Services


What does a managed Wifi service provider offer your business?

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Network Security

A poorly configured wifi network leaves your business vulnerable. A dedicated managed services provider will configure gateways, switches, controllers, access points and customise user access permissions to keep you safe.

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Reduced Clutter

A cloud based service ensures you have only the hardware you actually need to operate, removing unnecessary cabling, routers, software installations, etc.

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Improved Productivity

A knowledgeable managed wifi provider will equip you with the hardware and software to match your organisational needs. Improving upload and download speeds, network stability, ease of access and more.


Take the first step in securing your business online activity.

WiFi systems installed by inexperienced users can be unpredictable and leave your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. Any weaknesses in a network may lead to prohibited users gaining access to your organisation.⁣

9spheres Technologies’ managed wifi services ensure that your business and all wirelessly connected devices are protected. We give you control over your network access – who has access, for how long and exactly where users can access from.⁣

Our cloud solution improves productivity as certain sites are restricted, WiFi ranges extended and download speeds improved. ⁣

Managing multiple connected devices and setting individual policies and restrictions becomes a much simpler task with full-time technical support. ⁣

Take a look at what Managed WiFi services can do for your business.⁣

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A poorly configured wifi network leaves your business vulnerable to attack.

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Inexperienced IT staff are ill-equipped to manage all the configurations needed.

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Get detailed reporting on performance, user access and behaviour.

Adding new access points is quick and easy.

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Improve connectivity and data speeds.

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Give clients and guest secure and easy access.

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The main benefits to you.

We work with you to put together the best cloud-based managed wifi solution for your business. The benefits of which include:

Improved network speed and stability

Network security

Reduced cabling and unnecessary costs

Guaranteed response times

24/7 support

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

‘The staff at 9spheres Technologies have been great in helping us handle all our IT requirements, in especially the set-up of new staff accounts on 9cloud as it happens seamlessly with 9spheres Technologies taking all the stress out of it for us.’

Matthew Love

Matthew Love Family Lawyers

‘We found 9spheres very helpful with assisting Architects Dovey Team to work remotely during the Covid 19 pandemic.’



Anton Dovey

Architects Dovey & Associates

‘Excel Event Hire have been clients for over 5 years and the 9sphere’s team have been fantastic. They are always honest and upfront with what we “need” and what would be “better” and the difference that will make to our operations.’

David Duncalfe

Excel Event Hire

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