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“Australian businesses face increasingly sophisticated and capable cybercriminals targeting what matters most to them; their money, data and reputation.”- The Australian Cyber Security Centre.

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Get this easy to use checklist of best practices for you and your employees to follow in order to protect your company from common attacks. It’s particularly important for remote work.

9spheres Technologies - 12 point cyber security checklist

Protect your business from common cyber threats.


unprecedented growth

Australian businesses face growing number of threats.

Australian businesses are facing an unprecedented growth in cyber attacks. The move to remote work, remote connections and virtual file sharing has only increased vulnerability as the opportunity to infiltrate devices and network grows.

Most common reported cyber attacks on SMBs.

  • RANSOMWARE 64% 64%
  • VIRUSES 43% 43%
  • ADWARE 33% 33%
  • SPYWARE 29% 29%

Australian statistics:

It takes on average of 4mins for a hacker to infiltrate a network via email attacks, 286 days to be detected and 80 days to resolve the damage.

‣  The estimated cost of cyber crime  to Australian businesses per year is $29Billion.

what are the barriers?

The main reasons for inaction.

According to the ACSC, “Australian SMBs know cyber security is important, but there are barriers to implementing good practices.” 

‣ SMBs don’t have enough IT staff with sufficient security focus or training.

‣ Most small business owners fail to recognise the weaknesses in their own IT infrastructure or,

‣ Don’t know where to start to fix the vulnerabilities.

‣ A lack of allocating time to sufficiently plan and respond to threats is another glaring problem.

As a business owner you don’t have time to give this critical issue the attention it deserves. One of the best ways to plan, protect and respond to these threats is to outsource your security posture to an experienced IT service provider.

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‘The staff at 9spheres Technologies have been great in helping us handle all our IT requirements, in especially the set-up of new staff accounts on 9cloud as it happens seamlessly with 9spheres Technologies taking all the stress out of it for us’

Matthew Love

Matthew Love Family Lawyers

‘Nick, Alex and their team have helped us immensely. Their professionalism and knowledge is exceptional and response time very fast which is critical in our industry. They have helped us modernise and grow our business very rapidly. Very clever!’

Gary Solah

SQS Haulage

‘Nick and the team have been our IT support for almost 10 years now and in all that time we have never considered changing vendors. They are friendly and professional and as our business has grown substantially, their advice, service and support has been highly valued.’

Kevin Cuyler

Ace Communications

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