Microsoft 365 Tips

Quick hacks & tips that will help you get the most out of the MS 365 apps you use everyday. Save valuable time and boost productivity with this free cheat sheet.

What's In This Guide?

How much time do you waste every week simply because you don’t know which shortcuts and tricks to use?

Our MS 365 Cheat Sheet is specifically crafted for anyone looking to make the most of the office apps you use every day.

Its easy to follow and chock-full of valuable Microsoft tips that will save you time and improve productivity. Think of it as a handy guide to navigate the MS 365 suite more effectively.

For your convenience we’ve divided it into product categories.

microsoft 365 tips and tricks - pdf download

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Who Is This For?

These Microsoft tips are for you, if you’re an Australian business owner and want to be smarter about the way you use your MS 365 apps.

The end result? With clever excel formulas (we’re not talking ‘sum row’ here), and handy tips across other MS 365 products, you’ll get things done quicker and more efficiently.

We’ve kept the instructions simple with visual explanations to help you along the way.

Take advantage of technology shortcuts and feel smarter about the way you work.


Who Put This Together?

Our Microsoft 365 tips sheet has been put together by our team at 9spheres Technologies.

As a preferred Brisbane partner for Microsoft 365, we work with the software and apps on a daily basis, helping clients get set up and teaching them how to use the productivity tools at their finger tips.

We’ve included some of the key shortcuts and tips that we think will be useful to business owners in Brisbane.

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