Managed Data & Disaster Recovery


Why does your business need a good backup and recovery plan?

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Cost Effective

Implementing a data backup management system is an affordable alternative to losing crucial business and client information. Cloud based solutions provide you with secure, regular backups, offsite, that are quick to restore when something goes wrong.

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Human Error

Human error is often a major reason for data issues. Unintentionally allowing malware in, deleting or compromising important data or employees stealing information can hurt your business. Cloud data backup management allows you to recover quickly from human error.

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Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are on the rise in Australia, especially against SMEs. These invasions can corrupt your data, lockdown your systems or worse, completely shut down your infrastructure. A data backup and recovery plan is a proactive step against cyber threats.


A data backup and recovery plan that fits your organisation.

When your network goes down, is hacked or completely fails you downtime can seriously affect your bottom line and reputation.
Make sure you always have access to important business data and, in the event of a disaster, that data can be retrieved quickly enabling you to operate as usual.

With the rise of big data, cloud computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), it’s becoming increasingly challenging for organisations to protect their data.

A managed plan for data backup and the restoration of electronic information is essential. 9spheres Technologies works with our clients to determine the value of your company data and implements a thorough data backup and disaster recovery plan that fits your business needs and budget.

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Physical backups are cheaper but time consuming and susceptible to malfunctions and physical damage.

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Local software backups can be automated and compress, organise, archive, declutter and recover files. They’re inexpensive but can be damaged or stolen.

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Hybrid cloud backups store an onsite copy of your data as well as a version in the cloud. This option can become expensive.

Cloud backups are cost effective, easily accessible from around the world, secured against cyber attacks and protected from disasters.

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Incorrectly configured networks can lead to loss of data and open vulnerabilities.

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Systematic cloud backups will give you peace of mind that all your data is safe.

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The main benefits to you.

Together we work with you to put together the best cloud-based data backup and recovery solution for your business. The benefits of which include:

A solution that matches your business needs and budget

Offloading the complexity and risks associated with data backups

24/7 support and priority on-site support

Minimal impact to your network architecture

Guaranteed response times

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

‘The staff at 9spheres Technologies have been great in helping us handle all our IT requirements, in especially the set-up of new staff accounts on 9cloud as it happens seamlessly with 9spheres Technologies taking all the stress out of it for us’

Matthew Love

Matthew Love Family Lawyers

‘Nick and his team are great to work with. They provide an excellent service and we can always rely upon them when we call them. Nothing is ever too much trouble. I would recommend them to anybody looking for good IT support.’


Len Watt

Becker Watt Lawyers

‘Have been a client of 9spheres for many years now and they are absolutely fantastic and always solve our issues quick and proactively. Would happily recommend.’


Yarden Malecki

MyFitness Club

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