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The Role Of Managed IT Security Services

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) completely oversee the cybersecurity operations of a businesses. As the number of cyber-attacks rises each year, the need for professional protection from malware, viruses, ransomware, and data theft has never been greater. But often, as a result of shortages of in-house technicians, the implementation of a comprehensive security system is overlooked.

While large organisations may have the means to hire technicians to form part of their own security teams, smaller businesses can make use of MSSPs to ensure they remain protected without exceeding their budgets. The pressure of managing multiple firewalls, consistent threat monitoring and handling data breaches can be immense and also incredibly distracting from core business operations. Employing an MSSP immediately relieves this pressure by providing uninterrupted, advanced security.

An MSSP composed of a dedicated team of security experts ensures that vulnerabilities in your IT systems are addressed, threats are blocked before any damage is done and critical security events are recovered from quickly.

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What To Expect From A MSP

A robust and well-protected security system is more than just a combination of various software packages; skilled professionals are needed to unify and monitor multiple security measures to create an impenetrable line of defence. The main services provided to keep your organisation safe are:

1. Monitoring

Through inspecting your current IT infrastructure, any vulnerabilities can be patched before installing the necessary defences throughout your organisation. Then, once the most appropriate security solutions have been implemented, your system will be constantly monitored. This 24/7 observation of your system ensures that intrusions can be detected before attackers complete their strikes, viruses can be stopped before they travel through all of your data and persistent threats can be mitigated.

2. Management

Managing a strong cyber-defence system is a full-time job and requires expert knowledge to prevent any unwanted damage to your network. An MSSP team will oversee all digital defences from antivirus software to firewalls, to cloud and internet security, ensuring that all of your bases are covered. With regular updates and security patches, consistent control of cyber-security software will certify that data flowing in and out of your business is safe and protected.

3. Data Integrity

Implementing strict rules which specify who can read and modify files allows fine-grain control of your file system. This guarantees that data is only accessed by those who are permitted to do so. Similarly, introducing internet policies and restrictions makes sure that prohibited websites are inaccessible and the security risks posed by harmful websites are minimised.

4. Security Information And Event Management (SIEM)

SIEM is a type of umbrella service which combines multiple cybersecurity tools to provide real-time analysis and monitoring of a network. SIEM is a relatively new, intelligent approach to handling advanced threats. Gathering data from coordinated, persistent attackers, reframes network security as a big data topic. This analytical approach of SIEM systems improves vulnerability management by forming a database of the types of attacks and possible security solutions. By logging security events, threats can be identified as non-critical or high-risk and machine learning (accompanied by behavioural analytics) can be used to improve threat and intrusion detection.

5. Incident Response

Viruses, spyware, data theft or data corruption can bring a business’ operations to a standstill. Whether isolating malware before it spreads or recovering compromised data from backups, incident response provides the support needed to recover from a critical event as fast as possible.

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Benefits Of A Managed Security Service

Besides the peace of mind of not having to  worry about your vulnerability to cyber attacks, there are many benefits to outsourcing your data and network security to a managed service provider.

1. Reduced Cyber Security Costs

Employing the necessary technical experts in-house can become costly as typically more than one cyber-security specialist is needed. Similarly, placing the burden of network security on IT support employees (responsible for infrastructure, wireless connectivity, databases etc) can be overwhelming and distracting. Outsourcing managed security services can stop costs from ballooning and can keep your employees focused on their actual responsibilities. Using an external team of experts means that efforts are concentrated on real threats only and no time is wasted on small, easily-resolvable issues. Additionally, through using top-tier software and industry professionals, the most efficient, cost-effective cyber-security is assured – no expenses will be misused on unnecessary tools and bloatware.

2. Improved Business Efficiency

Recruiting and training in-house personnel can become time consuming and costly. Even after that, managing your own security can drain your time and resources further. Delegating security to an MSSP frees up time for your business to focus on regular activities. No time is lost on incidents which would otherwise be handled swiftly by a security expert. Additionally, a team of skilled professionals will ensure that the time taken to return to normal business operations after a critical security event will be minimised.

3. Staying One Step Ahead

MSSPs live and breathe cybersecurity and as a result, are well-versed in the ever-expanding universe of cyber-crime. This extensive knowledge of newly emerging attacks is invaluable as it provides the utmost protection from attackers who are growing more intelligent and deceptive each day.

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At 9spheres Technologies we ensure that your business is kept safe and protected by providing the expertise required to navigate the dangers of cybersecurity. Our managed security services are capable of implementing all the security protocols your business may need while providing the constant monitoring of threats.

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Managed Security Services

The Role Of Managed IT Security Services Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) completely oversee the cybersecurity operations of a businesses. As the number of cyber-attacks rises

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