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Aug 19, 2020 | IT Services

The legal industry requires specific technical support to meet their unique privacy and ethical requirements within day to day operations. Not to mention the data compliance regulations they and other industries must adhere to.

The legal practices which outperform their competitors seem to do so as a result of strong relationships cultivated between clients, employees and the firm. These leading firms would not be able to manage all of their legal matters successfully without a robust technological infrastructure supporting and assisting them in their daily tasks. Beyond the benefits that technology can bring to everyday activities, modern IT systems are needed for protecting firms and safeguarding confidential data.

Over and above that, systems which provide the security and reliability required by law firms must be tailored to meet their specific demands, otherwise such systems could become more disruptive than helpful. The reason for this is that implementing and managing advanced IT systems to provide the best performance is highly complex and without specialist support from experts in the field, almost impossible. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is able to supply such bespoke support.

An MSP consists of a team of dedicated and highly-skilled technicians who are able to provide round the clock support for all IT systems required by legal practices. MSPs will evaluate the current IT systems in place, identify any weaknesses, and produce a strategy in collaboration with the firm to decide which digital solutions would best maximise efficiency. Outsourcing the management, monitoring, and maintenance of the IT systems implemented ensures that the technological aspects of your organisation operate at its best while removing the pressure and distraction of employing an in-house IT team.

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In this post we hope to help you to understand

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The specific IT needs within the legal industry

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What features legal firms should expects from their IT

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How a managed service provider helps legal firms operate

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How a managed service provider helps meet compliance requirements

Legal IT Services

  • Support to work from anywhere. As clients grow and expand their businesses around the world, the need to be able to work in environments outside of the office has become part of modern working life. Whether on a plane, at home, or in a different country, employees need to access shared files, work on their own laptops and join video conferences. Managing multiple portable devices (like company mobiles, laptops and tablets) can become nightmarish without the necessary support. An MSP can provide the hardware and tools that will help employees remain securely connected and productive on their legal matters anywhere in the world.
  • Support for productivity. Legal IT solutions are specifically designed with lawyers in mind. Knowing that data integrity and ease-of-use are paramount, an MSP can oversee the installation and implementation of the best, well-tested software and hardware that will equip employees to perform well. This may be through software aimed at streamlining billing systems or simply hardware that will improve wireless connectivity throughout the office.
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  • Cybersecurity and privacy. When it comes to managing sensitive client data, impenetrable cybersecurity defences are fundamental. Making sure that confidential documents are safe from data theft is a full-time job as cybercriminals develop new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in IT systems each day. Managed IT services remove the burden of maintaining antivirus, anti-malware and anti-spywaresoftware across multiple devices. A dedicated team of industry professionals constantly monitors your security and acts proactively towards threats, greatly diminishing the risk of a data breach. And in the event that data is compromised, an MSP will be able to recover from the disaster in as little time as possible.
  • Data management and Cloud-based solutions. With each new case and each new client, the amount of data to store and access increases. Storing all of this data on hard drives becomes infeasible when terabytes of information can be received by a client in one day. Further, distributing these files to multiple employees is inefficient if copies need to be made and circulated. More commonly, files (and backups thereof) arestored on the cloudto save the amount of physical storage required in the office and to support access to those materials around the world. An MSP is well suited to arranging the most efficient ways to move a legal practice to the cloud.

What are the benefits of legal IT services?

  • Reduce tech expenses. Overseeing all digital aspects from hardware to software can be risky (especially when executed by inexperienced users) and can incur high operational costs. Managing an entire tech department in-house is unnecessarily costly for smaller firms when managed IT services can meet all technological requirements at a much lower cost.
  • Improve workflow and productivity. Manually controlling backups, cyber defences, software updates and hardware installations distracts from the more important legal matters which need to be tended to. Investing in an MSP will shift the focus away from menial technical issues to increasing the productivity of the firm. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that the tech which your firm depends on is secure is invaluable.
  • Receive best in industry software and hardware. With premium tech partners and leading hardware and software vendors, the best solutions can be implemented at a good price.

At 9spheres Technologies, our experience with law firms means we are familiar with the diverse and unique technical problems encountered in the legal industry. We are well equipped to manage these issues, provide the best support, and introduce tech solutions that will augment your firm’s daily operations.

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