A dark world – Cyber crime is on the rise

Aug 4, 2020 | Security

As time has passed on, we have gradually shifted our focus and attention as well. The internet and the online world of the web have become the primary connecting and driving force for individuals lounging around at home and huge businesses alike. It has become the central platform that dictates the means of almost all our communications and interactions. With the increasing emphasis on inter-connectivity, it is no surprise that most businesses are shifting to the cloud. Over 50% of all businesses are using some form of cloud or online technology to supplement their company’s processes whereas a huge chunk of the other half is looking to shift very soon.

Crimes on the Web

While the cloud has brought much convenience to our lives as individuals as well as for big businesses and companies, it also has its risks. All of us run a huge risk of having our personal and sensitive information and data be hacked or stolen by others and used for wrong purposes. Over the past few years, the risk of cyber crimes has increased exponentially- up to 18 percent in the past few years in Australia. Pair that with attacks such as Petya and those conducted on the likes of Target and Sony Pictures in 2014, and we can figure out the extent of harm such data breaches can cause. Unfortunately, the number of breaches is only expected to rise from here, making survival on the web and the cloud even more difficult.

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In this post we hope to help you to understand

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The reality of cyber crime in Australia

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What cyber crime involves

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How options are available to protects yourself

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How a managed service provider helps protect you

What is Cyber Security?

Hackers generally use a bunch of various mechanisms through which they try to enter a piece of malicious code or malware into your computer systems or database in order to corrupt it so the data can either be encrypted, stolen, or destroyed. While most of us are vulnerable to these attacks, there are also ways that you can protect yourself from them- by employing the correct forms of cyber security practices. Following are a few general practices you can make use of to ensure the integrity and safety of sensitive data:

  • Monitoring

You may hire a company dedicated to providing cyber security solutions to monitor your cloud and data storage for you so as to ensure that it is always safe as well as detect and alert you of any possible threats that may arise.

  • Backups

Backing up is a great way to ensure that even if you somehow lose your data in an attack, you still have copies of all of it to use later – meaning you can never lose your data in its entirety.

  • Updates

Make sure that you always keep your antivirus protection program on your computers and database systems up to date and upgraded to the latest version to ensure maximum protection.

  • Caution

Normally, ransomware and malicious codes enter computer systems through spam emails and links. Be wary when clicking on any suspicious links or emails you receive as they may contain viruses.

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