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Secure WiFi In A Digitally Connected World

The world is more digitally connected than ever before. We share this constant demand for wireless connectivity wherever we go. Having access to WiFi at all times has become a need, not a want and those spaces which do not provide WiFi services are often seen as frustratingly outdated.

It’s important for all businesses, whether a restaurant, retailer or office to stay wirelessly connected. Installing and controlling a wireless system larger than a single WiFi router, however, requires expert knowledge and professional support due to the complicated nature of large networks. WiFi systems installed by inexperienced users can both be unpredictable and leave your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks as any weaknesses in a network may lead to prohibited users gaining access to your organisation.

Not only does a bespoke WiFi management service ensure your business and all wirelessly connected devices are protected on the internet, but it also provides you with dependable control over your network. With the support of a managed WiFi service, you will be able to reliably control who has access to your network, how long the access is granted for, and where users will be able to access the internet fr

What Is A WiFi Management service?

Corporate WiFi managed services remove the pressure of maintaining a secure network allowing you to focus on typical day-to-day business operations. A WiFi management service will oversee all the technical aspects of installing, monitoring, maintaining and supporting a large wireless network. And by surveying your current infrastructure, the hardware best suited to your needs can be determined so that the robust network installed will meet all of your requirements.

Additionally, the WiFi management controls provided will further improve your workplace productivity as certain websites may be restricted, WiFi ranges can be extended and download speeds can be improved. Also, managing multiple devices all connected at the same time and setting individual policies and restrictions becomes a much simpler task with the full-time technical support included.

WiFi Managed Services Provided

It’s the support provided by managed WiFi services that really gives customers peace of mind. Whether increasing the coverage of your network (so that more users over a wider area can connect to your WiFi), improving the performance of your download speed (by handling signal interference), or resolving issues when the network crashes, a dedicated team of technicians will allow your business to run at its optimum level.

Next, management features such as overseeing the number of connected users and the number of access points installed allows for fine-grain control of who can access your network and for how long. Additionally, regular maintenance in the form of firmware and security updates, ensures that your network can operate safely, and at full capacity.

Finally, the value in the network analytics provided by WiFi service management platforms should not be overlooked; analysing the number of users connected to a network each day and their browsing patterns can reveal when and where access to your organisation’s WiFi is greatest. This information can be used to configure a network to maintain strong performance so that the network is never overloaded.

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Benefits Of A Managed Wi-Fi Solution

When network specialists install and manage a widespread wireless network you can expect more than just improving internet speeds and coverage. Here are some of the additional benefits:

  • Highly qualified technicians can install more wireless access points to easily scale your wireless network as your business grows.
  • Cumbersome cabling needed to connect devices directly to a router are not needed with powerful and optimised networking solutions.
  • Network professionals can install routers to ensure access is optimised throughout a business’s environment thereby eliminating frustrating WiFi dead-spots.
  • Rigorous security policies establish a safe wireless network where threats are detected and handled in real-time, unwanted access is restricted and illegal users are blocked.
  • The large burden of managing a large network is totally removed and placed in the capable hands of a team of industry professionals allowing you to prioritise your business’s needs.
  • The excessive costs of buying multiple WiFi routers, repeaters, modems and metres of cabling can be reduced by consulting experts who know exactly what combination of hardware will meet your connectivity needs at the lowest cost.
  • Clients or other business partners who visit your premises can effortlessly connect to your large network without the need for numerous long and confusing passwords for a smoother experience.
  • The amount of data a connected device is consuming may be controlled to megabyte precision to prevent users from throttling your network.

A Managed WiFi Service Provider In Brisbane

At 9spheres Technologies we ensure that our clients stay connected to the internet with the best possible speeds and coverage,  while protecting their businesses from unwanted access. We create bespoke solutions tailored to the operational needs of each business.

Whether you need to add more wireless access points, manage data flows during peak times or improve security, 9spheres Technologies can help. We work with you at every stage of setting up your network; from designing a solution that addresses all your needs, to selecting the best hardware to support your employee’s connectivity requirements, to installing the planned solution throughout your premises, to finally managomg and monitoring your wifi network once it is up and running.

For a consultation, give us a call at (07) 3149 3447, or get in touch with us via mail.

wifi service provier brisbane - 9spheres technologies brisbane

Managed WiFi Services

Secure WiFi In A Digitally Connected World The world is more digitally connected than ever before. We share this constant demand for wireless connectivity wherever

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