The future of IT support. Five things business owners should expect.

Oct 22, 2020 | IT Services

In a business environment that is rapidly transforming and adapting to remote and cloud based realities, new SaaS solutions and other innovations, the IT support on offer must also be adapting to the changes.

Waiting for poor IT support is a common issue for Brisbane businesses – one that costs you time, productivity and ultimately profits.

Here are five things that you should be looking for when it comes to your business IT support.

1. Clear Communication

It seems simple, yet the number one reason that new clients come to us is poor communication from their existing managed IT support service.

When things go wrong you want to be able to reach your IT support quickly and have a clear idea of when you can expect help to arrive – whether it’s onsite or virtually.

While it may not always be possible to resolve an IT related issue immediately, your service provider should be able to give you a clear idea of the problems faced and the process involved.

Take a look at the end of this article at the communication and ticketing system we use to keep our clients informed.

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In this post we hope to help you to understand

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Why you need reliable IT support

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How support can be proactive

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The role of virtual IT support

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The benefits of SLAs

2. Product and cyber risk expertise

The modern business has a multitude of business software to choose from, remote access platforms and hardware configurations available.

On top of this are the ever increasing cyber attacks attempting to gain access to corporate data. This is particularly a threat with BYOD and unmanaged devices in a work from home environment. The purpose of hiring a managed IT support service is so that you don’t have to try to figure out which antivirus software to use, how to patch software or what to do when your employees are unable to share files with each other remotely.

Your IT support should offer you a team of experts, available at the click of a button or phone call, who undergo continuous training and education in order to keep up to date with the latest changes and threats across a variety of industries.

They should offer you the best technical support available and get you back up and running as fast as possible.

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3. Proactive support

IT support in nature has been reactive. But it can and should be proactive. By developing standard operating procedures, 24/7 automated system monitoring, performing regular software updates, security patches and upgrades, daily backups, and other activities, many of the common issues that arrive at the IT support desk can be prevented in the first place, keeping the organisation operational and minimising downtime.

4. Virtual IT support services

Who doesn’t love to watch that mouse move magically across the screen as the virtual IT support technician takes control of your device?

This isn’t revolutionary and has certainly been around for many years but in today’s work environment it must be a given that your IT support service provider is able to log in remotely to your workstation and quickly resolve less complex issues.

5. SLA and service plans

IT infrastructure has become a key component in successful business operations. Rather than it being something you look at once IT problems arise, businesses should be adopting service level agreements with their managed IT service provider.

The benefits of SLAs:

  • Customisable to the individual client’s needs
  • Help you forecast and control your IT expenses better
  • Ensure the IT environment is being taken care of regularly
  • Help avoid costly system failures
  • Usually more cost efficient than ‘fire-fighting’ IT problems

The future is in the cloud.

At 9spheres Technologies we’ve got you covered. We’re available to our clients and provide personal attention to your IT problems. We are fore-runners in utilising cloud capabilities to improve our client’s IT performance as well as respond quickly to their support queries. We make use of a smart online ticketing system that tracks your support enquiry, logs the work being done, and notifies us and you of any progress. Our number is available across our site and we’re always available to help you.

We offer support to our clients in the form of “Service Level Agreements” (SLA’s) which vary depending on your needs. The most basic SLA provides “time block support,” tiered into preferential rates. The SLA’s are supported by experienced and qualified technicians.

With us you get:

✔ Guaranteed response times
✔ SLA agreements
✔ Priority onsite IT support
✔ 24/7 Network monitoring
✔ Virtual/Remote and onsite support
✔ Daily backups
✔ Server health monitoring
✔ Antivirus monitoring
✔ Workstation patching
✔ Hardware / computer repairs
✔ Hardware / software installation
✔ Access to a trained & certified expert IT team
✔ Experienced support across various industries

We don’t leave you in the dark, wondering what’s happening.

For over 11 years we’ve been providing Brisbane businesses with a full range of professional, managed IT services. Our goal is to keep you functioning without disruptions. Take a look at the services we could offer you here. Why wait?

9spheres Technologies’ Managed Cloud Solution (9Cloud) is a flexible solution that can be customised to match your business needs – from managed wifi services, security, storage, firewalls and IT services. Our 9Cloud solution includes complete security – enveloping the corporate from the network edge to the endpoint. Through an audit of your current IT systems, we can determine the best cloud services that will enhance your business. Don’t get left behind, move to the cloud today!

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