IT Services Software

IT Services Software

IT Software For A Modern Business

IT managed services provide businesses with the means to optimise their operations through the use of leading software and managed technical support. To streamline day-to-day tasks, technical expertise is required to get the most out of the digital solutions implemented in a business. This is achieved through maintaining and managing both the business’ data and the software used to create, store and access it.

Here’s our guide to the software all businesses need to manage, store and protect their data.

What Software Should Every Business Use?

There’s certain software that every modern business needs in order to operate efficiently. Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common ones needed.

1. Internet Browsers

As Microsoft recently announced that they will be shelving their infamous Internet Explorer, the era of simple web-browsers which provide basic access to websites is coming to a close. The browsers which come pre-installed on new computers (Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac) are, technologically speaking, ancient. Newer software which dominates the web browser market, namely, Google’s Chrome (and, to a lesser extent, Mozilla’s Firefox), has risen to popularity due to the richer features offered. Whilst Safari has fared well in staying up-to-date, Chrome and Firefox are favoured for their more advanced offerings such as: improved browsing speeds, privacy controls, ad blocking, password management, multiple device synchronisation and integrated email and data storage.

2. Word Processors

Microsoft Office’s Word established itself as the most popular word processor in the early 90’s and is still the best-selling software to-date. Coupled with the fact that typed documents are a key element of modern business and the growing feature set provided by Word, Microsoft Office has ensured their dominance in the office software market. Despite this, newer software packages are approaching the functionality of Word at a reduced cost, or even for free. Depending on how you need to process text documents, other software may be better suited to your needs than Word. Tools like Google DocsNotejoy and Quip provide a more simplified experience with a larger focus on collaboration and in-document messaging.

Office Tools

(Spreadsheets, Presentations, Video Calls). Notorious for feature creep, the other programs typically included in office software packages are overcrowded with a seemingly infinite number of tools. Regardless, these programs are critical to daily business activities whether that may be accounting and billing, presentations or video conference calls. Microsoft again beats out its competition with Excel, PowerPoint and Skype overshadowing their competitors.

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Cloud Storage & Backup Software

The loss of data from accidents, disasters or cyberattacks can cripple business operations. And as with antivirus, creating backups can be seen as a needless and tedious waste of time. This couldn’t be a more dangerous mindset – regularly backing-up your business-critical files to the cloud (or off-site) is the safety net needed to recover from a disaster. Free platforms which can be used to automatically store selected documents on the cloud however often have a limit on the amount of data that can be freely stored, after which a subscription needs to be paid. These services differ slightly to dedicated backup software which focus on backing up and protecting all critical data and system files.

Accounting Software

Although perhaps not installed on every machine, for those employees who manage the finances of an organisation, the need for reliable accounting software is key. Financial software like MYOB, Xero and NetSuite have been known to be incredibly challenging to use and have left many businesses to rely on Excel to manage their bookkeeping. Nowadays, freshly redesigned software packages have been gaining more users due to their ease of use.

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What Is The Best Software To Buy?

Using trusted and well-built IT services software will allow for improved control and efficiency in your daily operations. However, finding the best software to suit your needs (on top of installing and managing it) can be overwhelming – this is where 9spheres can help. Pairing our leading industry partners with our tech expertise will allow us to install and manage the best software for your business ensuring you get the most out of your digital infrastructure.

Get Flexible, Cloud Managed IT Software

9spheres Technologies’ Managed Cloud Solution (9Cloud) is a flexible solution that can be customised to match your business’ needs. You get the best cloud based software and infrastructure on a month-to-month, basis with no unexpected costs. We offer managed wifi services, security, storage, firewalls, VoIP and IT support to Brisbane companies.

Our 9Cloud solution includes complete security – enveloping the corporate from the network edge to the endpoint. Through an audit of your current IT systems, we can determine the best cloud services that will enhance your business. 

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IT Services Software

IT Services Software

IT Software For A Modern Business IT managed services provide businesses with the means to optimise their operations through the use of leading software and

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