Microsoft And Mac Shortcut Keys – 30 Of The Best!

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Are you that person in the office who still takes the “long way around” when it comes to simple tasks? You know, the one who right-clicks the mouse, selects “copy,” and then right-clicks again to “paste.” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people are unaware of the time-saving wonders of Microsoft and Mac shortcut keys.

But here’s the thing: in today’s fast-paced digital world, efficiency and productivity are key. That’s why it’s crucial to master these Windows and Mac shortcut keys. Whether you’re a die-hard Mac enthusiast or prefer Microsoft, unlocking the power of these shortcuts can revolutionise your workflow, save you precious time, and enhance your overall computing experience.

30 Common Microsoft & Mac Shortcut Keys

We have put together a quick reference table with 30 common Microsoft and Mac Keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient and navigate through tasks seamlessly.


Mac Shortcut Keys

Microsoft Shortcut Keys


Command + Space

Windows key + L


Command + C

Ctrl + C


Command + V

Ctrl + V


Command + X

Ctrl + X


Command + Z

Ctrl + Z


Command + Y

Ctrl + Y

Screenshot (Entire Screen)

Command + Shift + 3

Print Screen

Screenshot (Custom Area)

Command + Shift + 4

Windows key + Shift + S

Change Keyboard Language

Command + Space

Left Alt + Shift


Command + Shift + X

Ctrl + 5


Command + S

Ctrl + S


Command + P

Ctrl + P


Command + F

Ctrl + F

Select All

Command + A

Ctrl + A


Command + B

Ctrl + B


Command + I

Ctrl + I


Command + U

Ctrl + U

Close Window

Command + W

Ctrl + W

Switch Application

Command + Tab

Alt + Tab

Zoom In

Command + Plus (+)

Ctrl + Plus (+)


Command + Shift + U

Ctrl + Shift + A


Command + Shift + L

Ctrl + Shift + L

Format Paint (Copy)

Command + Option + C

Ctrl + Shift + C

Format Paint (Paste)

Command + Option + V

Ctrl + Shift + V

Find and Replace

Command + Option + F

Ctrl + H

New Tab

Command + T

Ctrl + T

Close Tab

Command + W

Ctrl + W

Undo Close Tab

Command + Shift + T

Ctrl + Shift + T

Open File

Command + O

Ctrl + O

Refresh Page

Command + R

Ctrl + R

Remember, practice makes perfect. Start implementing these keyboard shortcuts gradually, and soon they’ll become second nature.

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What is the redo keyboard shortcut?

  • Microsoft: Ctrl + Y to redo your last action
  • Mac: Command + Y

What is the undo keyboard shortcut?

  • Microsoft: Ctrl + Z to undo your last action
  • Mac: Command + Z

What is the screenshot keyboard shortcut?

  • Microsoft shortcut:  Windows + Shift + S to capture a custom area and copy it to the clipboard.
  • Mac: Command + Shift + 3 to capture a screenshot of the entire screen and save it as a file.

What is the change keyboard language shortcut?

  • Microsoft shortcut keys:  Left Alt + Shift to switch between different keyboard languages.
  • Mac shortcut keys: Command + Space to toggle between different keyboard input sources. 

What is the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough?

  • Microsoft:  Ctrl + 5 to apply strikethrough formatting to selected text.
  • Mac: Command + Shift + X to apply strikethrough formatting to selected text. 

What are 10 useful excel keyboard shortcuts? 

Excel is an integral component of the Microsoft Office suite. Through its Microsoft partnership, Excel utilises all the standard Microsoft keyboard shortcuts but in addition to the table above we have added another 10 useful excel specific keyboard shortcuts.


Excel keyboard shortcuts

Insert Current Date

Command + ;

Autosum Selected Cells

Command + Shift + T

Format as Currency

Command + Shift + $

Go to Beginning/End of Data

Command + Arrow Keys

Duplicate Selected Cells

Command + D

Select Entire Row

Shift + Spacebar

Select Entire Column

Command + Spacebar

Insert New Worksheet

Shift + F11

Hide Selected Rows or Columns

Command + Shift + 9

Unhide Rows or Columns

Command + Shift + (

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