Is This Link Safe? Your Guide to Avoiding Cyber Threats

Is This Link Safe? Your Guide to Avoiding Cyber Threats

Clicking on a hyperlink is as commonplace as sipping coffee while you work. But have you ever paused before clicking and wondered, “Is this link safe?” At 9spheres Technologies, we understand that the safety of your digital data is as crucial as the security of your physical office. Let’s take a look at how you can ensure that the links you click are free from cyber threats.

The Hidden Dangers Behind A Simple Click

Let’s say you receive an email with a link saying you’ve won a prize. Before you let the excitement take over, stop and ask yourself “is this link safe?”. Unsafe links can be the trojan horse leading to malware, ransomware, or phishing attacks, which are not just threats to your system but to your business reputation.

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How To Verify ‘Is This Link’ Safe

Before you click, equip yourself with the right link checker  tools. Here is how to check if a link is safe, Google Transparency Report is a valuable resource that allows you to enter a URL and check its safety report, which includes past security issues and unsafe content flags – and it’s free.

There are other websites like VirusTotal and URLVoid offer a quick way to check the credibility of a link. 

Here is a table to help you choose the best tool, don’t forget to bookmark your favorite link checker so that you can easily access it whenever needed. 

Manual Link Checker

But what if you’re away from your desk or don’t have immediate access to these link checker tools? You can still perform a quick safety check. Look closely at the URL. Does it match the website you were expecting? Is the spelling correct?

Often, malicious links will have subtle misspellings or use a different domain (.net instead of .com). Whenever in doubt, rather wait until you are able to effectively scan the URL with a link checker tool.

Best Practices For Ongoing Safety

Maintaining your business’s cybersecurity is a continuous effort that goes beyond periodically verifying, “Is this link safe?”. It’s about creating a resilient environment. Regular software updates, reliable antivirus solutions, and comprehensive team education is essential.

By empowering your team with the skills to recognise unsafe links, you’re building a knowledgeable workforce that can contribute to the safety and integrity of your business’s digital presence.

Your Partner In Cybersecurity

As you browse the web, keep asking, “Is this link safe?” It’s a simple question that can save you a world of trouble. As a leading IT services company in Brisbane, we’re not just about fixing problems—we’re about preventing them. Our managed IT security services are designed to keep your business safe from the ground up. We monitor, manage, and maintain your IT infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about whether a link is safe—you’ll know it is.

Need help getting your cyber security in order? Start by downloading our free cyber security checklist for business.

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