Pros And Cons Of VoIP Phones For Business

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The Good And The Challenging

With the world becoming increasingly more digital, there has been a noted shift to using VoIP phones in companies. As businesses adopt hybrid or work-from-home models, traditional switchboards and office landlines are becoming an unnecessary expense. After all, what good is a phone that’s tied to a desk when your staff are never at those desks?

In this article we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of VoIP phones for business.

The Advantages Of VoIP

VoIP systems offer a business a wide array of benefits, both in terms of cost savings as well as features. Whether you have no employees or a hundred, VoIP phones enable you to maintain business continuity, a high level of communication and client satisfaction. Let’s dig into some of the unique benefits of VoIP

Cost Savings

When you can improve communication in your business and save money, it makes the decision to switch a much simpler one to make. One of the clear benefits of VoIP phone system is the cost savings when compared to traditional telco services. Telephone services often charge you for a fixed monthly plan … whether or not you use that plan to its maximum value.

With a VoIP service, you only pay for what you use. With Node2Node’s VoIP solution you can enjoy substantial savings on your phone bill when compared to a traditional telco.

When it comes to making international calls on a traditional telco, you’ll be billed at premium rates whereas a VoIP solution can offer you extremely competitive pricing.

Popular Features of VoIP Phones for Business

Gone are the days of needing a designated switchboard operator to manage incoming business calls. With a VoIP PBX you can have all the switchboard features your business needs, Regardless of where you or your team are physically located.

Some popular features include being able to easily transfer calls, hold calls, call blocking, voicemail, on hold music, caller ID, spend limit warnings and more.

Because VoIP calls run over an active internet connection, your employees can easily integrate video or conference call options, without additional charges. 

You can expect to enjoy all these benefits with our Node2Node cloud hosted PBX system.

Collaboration and Integration

The workplace landscape is constantly evolving. One central challenge amongst those changes is the need to maintain good communication and collaboration, both internally and externally.

Internally, employees working remotely need to be able to use business systems at home and communicate with each other. Externally, your clients need to be able to reach you wherever you are.

VoIP phone systems provide you with continuity and integration in this changing environment.

You can maintain your existing phone number when you move to a VoIP solution so your clients are able to reach your business and your employees on the same number they have been used to dialling.

A VoIP system allows for calls on a mobile device, computer, tablet, or a VoIP handset providing greater flexibility to your staff.


Whether your team is in the office or working remotely, productivity doesn’t have to stop. As long as your team is equipped with a secure and reliable internet connection, it is business as usual, anywhere, and anytime.


With growth comes additional expenditure. VoIP phones keep your cost base lower than traditional telcos, thereby providing scalability. VoIP phone systems for small businesses are affordable and because you’re not tied into any fixed monthly plans for each additional user (remember, you only pay for what you use), your costs don’t climb unnecessarily as you grow your business.

Cloud PBX

Node2Node offers you a leading cloud-hosted PBX solution that allows us to manage your VoIP system online, rather than from a designated office. We have the ability to log into an online portal and configure features, users and settings remotely. This gives you greater flexibility and ease-of-use. Because it’s in the cloud, our support team is also able to quickly resolve any issues.

The Downsides

The benefits of a VoIP phone system far outweigh a traditional model, but there are a few  points to consider.

Internet Dependence

With VoIP services being dependent on wireless or internet connectivity, if you are without an internet connection, you won’t be able to use your VoIP business phones. Given the advancements in wireless and connectivity infrastructure, this is a problem that is fast being mitigated.


Due to the nature of how VoIP services operate – over an internet connection – you need to ensure that you have a reputable service provider. Node2Node is hosted securely and managed by 9spheres Technologies, a leading IT managed services company in Brisbane who specialise in cloud services and security.

Audio Quality

Depending on the available bandwidth, in some cases, the sound quality may be compromised if the connection isn’t strong. This can lead to distortion or delays, but these issues are less and less common as internet connectivity continues to improve in Australia.

VoIP phones for business are an obvious choice for any business owner in today’s changing work environment. The cost savings, business continuity and flexibility they offer allow you and your team to work more efficiently.

At Node2Node we take care of your entire business setup, from a cloud hosted PABX system, VoIP phones for business, adapters, modems, handsets, mobile setup and more. 

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Is VoIP good for small businesses?

Yes, for small or large businesses, VoIP provides a great alternative to traditional phone systems. Your business can benefit from cost savings, more features and flexibility.

What phones can be used for VoIP?

A variety of options are available from VoIP handsets, to even installing applications on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

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