How IT Services Can Optimize Your Business

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In today’s business world, the term “IT services” can mean a lot of different things. In its broadest sense, it can include anything from setting up a new office computer to managing your entire IT infrastructure. 

Good IT services are meant to optimize how efficiently you’re able to run your business. They help you with modern challenges such as streamlining workflows, improving communication and team collaboration. IT services can further optimize your business by enabling remote access, better data management and IT security.

With ongoing digital transformation it can be a struggle to keep up with the latest technology and understand what the best possible IT solutions for your business are. When you need IT help, you generally only have a handful of people to turn to: the tech-savvy family member, the ‘go-to’ staff member who always gets called when the printer fails, or a managed IT service provider.

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Ways that Managed IT Services Optimize A Business

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that managed IT services can optimize your business:

Less Downtime

When emails stop working (for example), it can be a frustrating and time consuming process trying to troubleshoot the cause. If you’re having issues with your Microsoft applications, the WiFi slows to a crawl, or you need to add a new employee to the network, who do you call? 

Having reliable IT help on hand, either virtually or onsite, immediately helps to minimize downtime. At 9spheres Technologies, our IT services come with guaranteed support

That support is also proactive – maintaining and monitoring your IT systems for issues and troubleshooting them before they cause you any downtime. You save valuable time and money.

Increased Productivity

Work smarter, not harder. One of the key ways that IT services optimize a business is by boosting productivity. With software like Microsoft 365 your staff can share files securely, collaborate on projects together and interact with clients seamlessly. 

With the adoption of remote work it’s critical that your IT services enable your staff and clients to communicate and access information securely, from wherever they are in Australia, or even globally.


IT services can help you keep costs low in the early stages and manage expenses better as your business grows. Whether you’re hiring and need to add more users to your applications or are looking for ways to strengthen your network security as your business expands, you’ll need reliable IT services.

With solutions offered at 9spheres Technologies our IT packages are fully customizable, month-to-month, and can evolve as your business’ needs change.

how managed it services can optimize your business

Business Continuity

Business continuity has become a buzz-word in recent years. It is a measure of an organization’s ability to continue its operations and maintain its productivity in the face of adversity. There are many potential disruptions that can impact an organization’s operations, such as power outages, shut-downs, natural disasters, or cyber-attacks. 

IT services can safeguard your data and put a contingency plan in place. In the event of an incident occurring, data backups and disaster recovery ensures that you return to ‘business as normal,’ as quickly as possible.

VoIP phones are another great example of how IT services can optimize your business through business continuity. With remote work, your staff are often based somewhere other than your offices. VoIP phones now allow them to maintain their office number and work as if they were still there. They can make and receive calls on the same number, making your business look more professional at the same time.

Reduced Business Costs

Many businesses think that working with an MSP will be more expensive than managing their IT internally. However, this is often not the case. When you manage your own IT you face the risks of inexperienced staff errors, cyber security attacks, and more costly once-off fixes or replacements.

A MSP can help you to reduce operational costs, negotiate better rates with vendors, as well as get discounts on hardware and software. They can also often help you get financing for your IT projects.

Managed IT services save money in the long run by providing more efficient solutions at a predictable monthly fee. Like any subscription service, you know what you’re in for with our monthly packages at 9sheres Technologies. There’s no surprise costs and you’re able to manage your budget better.

Cloud Computing

Modern IT services can significantly optimize your business with cloud computing.

Old-school IT services meant that physical hardware, such as servers and storage devices, had to be housed on-site. This infrastructure needed to be properly configured and physically maintained by an IT professional. The cost of adding and maintaining an entire server on your network is significant.

Today, cloud IT services don’t require any on-site infrastructure. The management and maintenance is handled by the service provider and the costs are much less as you don’t need to buy your own server. Cloud computing is simpler to manage and exposes your network to less risks. These services are also more flexible and scalable than on-premises IT services.

Another obvious benefit of cloud IT is that your staff are able to access the network and company data much faster and easier, from wherever they are. They no longer need to log in to a physical server in your office.


With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business is protected. A breach of your network can lead to the loss of sensitive data, reputation damage, and financial losses. 

IT services optimize your business by giving you proactive, industry leading cybersecurity. 9spheres Technologies is proud to be a software partner of SOPHOS – a global leader in cyber security solutions. SOPHOS’ threat detection software uses advanced AI to detect and mitigate threats against our clients’ networks.

IT service help data compliance

Data Protection And Compliance

With IT services you can have peace of mind knowing that your compliance obligations are being managed by a team of IT professionals. Your MSP can work with you to develop a compliance plan that covers all aspects of your business, from data security to employee training – customized to your industry.

With the help of an IT service provider, you can keep your IT systems up to date, automate compliance-related tasks, protect your data, respond to audits and issue reports.

Virtual CIO Services

A virtual CIO is a third-party IT consultant who works with you to determine your business goals and develop and implement a comprehensive IT strategy. This can be a valuable resource for businesses who don’t have the internal resources available to them.

For small and medium-sized businesses in Australia, a Virtual CIO can be a cost-effective alternative to access expert IT advice. Virtual CIOs (vCIOs) are IT professionals who provide high-level strategic guidance to their clients without being physically present in the office.

Better Customer Service

IT services can optimize your client’s experience. The right IT service makes it more enjoyable for them to do business with you. This can be in the form of making it easier for clients to digitally share information, collaborate with you, or simply by providing a more professional image and client interaction.

$337 Billion

According to a report by Gartner, Managed IT services will become a $377 billion industry in 2023. This growth reflects the fact that modern businesses rely heavily on IT services.

Managed IT services help you to optimize your IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency and keep your business running smoothly. They equip your business with the latest technology, software, tools and IT advice, and protect you against online vulnerabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our IT services can help you optimize your business, reach out via the form below or give us a call on 07-3149-3447. We’ll be happy to assess your needs and recommend the best solution for your business.

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