How to claim the $120 tax deduction for your business

If legislated, businesses will have until 30 June 2023 to make use of an additional 20% business tax deductions on technology investments.

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What the technology tax deduction means for your business

Few things in life are as mysterious as tax, cloud computing, and cyber security. The Federal Government has now brought all three together and has proposed a substantial tax grant up until 30 June 2023, in what is known as the Technology Investment Boost.

Here’s how it works: The proposed legislation will allow businesses with an annual turnover of $50-million or less, to claim an additional business tax deduction of 20% on technology investments, particularly in cyber security and the cloud. This is in an attempt to foster an increase in digital acceleration and adoption. 

In so doing, the government will provide $1-billion to boost new technology investments and encourage digital interfaces. This 20% deduction is applicable to the cost incurred on business expenses and depreciating assets that support their digital adoption, such as portable payment devices, cyber security systems or subscriptions to cloud based services.

Australian treasurer Josh Frydenburg said that every $100 that small businesses spend on digital technology will usher in a $120 tax deduction for that business. This was announced during the 2022 federal budget speech that took place on March 29, 2022. If legislated, these deductions will apply to all purchases made from that date until the end of June 2023.

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The benefits of cloud computing

Cloud computing services enable businesses of any size to store data remotely on the internet and retrieve it wherever and whenever they need it. These are services that people use daily for personal and professional needs. Examples of this would include services like Microsoft 365, Hubspot, and Google Drive, to name a few. The benefits of cloud computing are many.

Gaining exponential momentum in the way businesses store and collect their data, the cloud infrastructure is fast becoming a necessity. In a world that is remote, cloud systems and their interfaces offer the advantage of streamlined workflows, simplifying remote work, and allowing you to avoid unexpected downtime due to a lack of access.

The types of cloud computing services

There are multiple types of cloud computing services. The first of which are public cloud systems. These are cloud infrastructures that are not owned by the end user, such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). In contrast, another option would be a private cloud system, such as Oracle, Red Hat OpenShift, and Cisco, which are dedicated to a single end user or dedicated to a single business. 

The third type are managed private cloud systems whereby third-party vendors oversee all cloud operations for you. This is the type of cloud service that we at 9spheres Technologies provide to you so that you don’t have to hassle with your IT. We do this by setting up, securing and managing your cloud architecture, connecting devices to the network, and providing support, either virtually or on-site. With the business tax deductions on offer for this type of investment, there’s never been a better time to consider this  type of service for your business.

Lastly, there are dedicated clouds, which sit within private or public clouds, which is ideal for large corporations with multiple internal divisions. 

The benefits of operating your business in the cloud is extensive, a primary one being that your team is able to work remotely without losing access to important files and information. Collaboration can be enhanced as teammates are able to work on the same documents and files simultaneously. File sharing and the sharing of sensitive information can be done without any glitches, and your clients will enjoy a smoother, modern experience. Additionally, you can manage your network as your company grows, adding and removing users with ease and managing their security permissions.

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Expert threat mitigation from endpoint devices to antivirus software management.

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What is cyber security and why is it important to your business?

In line with the world making its move towards digital transformation, and companies utilizing cloud computing services, comes the need to secure and safeguard the infrastructure that has been established on the cloud. Protecting your business from viruses is only a tiny facet of your cyber security program. Businesses store a variety of information including sensitive internal information, client details, health and safety information, intellectual property, and valuable industry and governmental information. Implementing cyber security processes is an important step in protecting data from theft, loss, or damage. 

Australian businesses are increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals as business activity moves online and we adopt a remote work culture. Most owners simply don’t have the time or knowledge to protect themselves. They also don’t prioritize at least hiring a cyber security consultant to review their exposure to cyber threats. The mindset of ‘it won’t happen to me’ is unfortunately all too common.

Cyber security should be high on the agenda though. While there’s the off chance that a cyber attack will only cost you a small amount of lost time and money, the reality is that in most cases it’s much more severe. Targeted businesses tend to experience large data theft, crippled systems, and exorbitant ransoms, often in BitCoin. In extreme cases, particularly where sensitive information is lost, it leads to business reputation damage or the inability to continue operating.

Take a proactive step and look into our managed security services. As cyber security specialists our team of experts proactively manages your IT architecture, protecting your business from incoming threats. With the available new business tax deductions you could secure your business with the support of the government.

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How does your business benefit?

The benefits of investing in technology now are clear. Cloud computing gives you speed, efficiency and better collaboration, while a cyber security specialist protects you from a growing number of threats. What’s better is that you can do that with the support of the Australian government in the way of an additional 20% business tax deduction.

Your business could be on the road to digitalisation from a better financial position than before. If you don’t know where or how to begin, what technology you should invest in, and which cloud computing and cyber security programs provide the greatest advantages, 9spheres Technologies is ready to provide you with complete, start-to-finish, and comprehensive technological solutions. Chat to our team for a free quotation.


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