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Managed WiFi

In today’s fast-paced society, people want to stay connected where ever they are.

Whether it's online at the airport, the local coffee shop or waiting in a reception area. And even more so in our working environment.

Keeping your employees connected to your network applications via in-office wireless allows for optimised equipment use as well as for the removal of unnecessary elements such as cables, wires and routers.

For retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses, offering Wi-Fi can be the difference between keeping customers coming back and losing them to your competitors.

9spheres Technologies will work with you to design, implement and manage a secure and reliable Wi-Fi network based on your unique business needs.

With a Managed Solution from 9spheres Technologies, we can determine who has access to the network and to which applications, where it is accessible from, how long guests can stay connected and any other settings that management may want to offer or define.

Wi-Fi poses a potential security risk unless implemented properly and professionally. 9spheres Technologies uses top grade technology partners to ensure that you benefit from the latest Wi-Fi management and security technology.

Do not settle for anything less than a business-grade Wi-Fi solution designed and implemented by trained 9spheres Technologies networking specialists to ensure that you have the support, security and reliability that your business requires!


Benefits of Managed WiFi

  • If your Wi-Fi network has been poorly provisioned it can lead to many vulnerabilities. Prevent outsiders accessing your information with a Managed Wi-Fi solution from 9spheres Technologies


  • With our professional guidance and knowledge, we can have the infrastructure in your organisation set up so that accessibility is improved and at an optimum level.


  • A professionally installed Wi-Fi network can cut down on unnecessary costs such as cabling, routers and wires.



Premium Partners


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Sophos Reseller - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
QNAP Reseller - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
Veritas Reseller - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
HPE Reseller - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
Lenovo Reseller - Brisbane and the Gold Coast

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