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Managed Firewalls

An effective Managed Firewall Service is one that is properly managed, monitored and maintained. It is essential in our world today that every business owner has a security system in place to stay safe, secure and function effectively whilst still protecting their business assets and staff online.

Cyber-attacks are constantly growing not only in number but also in complexity and so to keep up with the latest threats company devices need to be provisioned, deployed, upgraded and patched.

Firewalls provide the first and most crucial layer of protection against cyber security attacks.

However, Firewall Management is also a resource-intensive exercise and requires a very high level of expertise to prevent unauthorised access and costly breaches. Traffic via a network firewall must be continuously monitored to identify and respond to threats before any damage has been done.

9spheres Technologies can help minimise these threats through the application of set security policies and firewall configurations whilst ensuring that these remain updated so that appropriate access controls are consistent with ever-changing business environments.

We supply and configure your firewall to meet your company needs. Our fully certified and experienced security analysts will then respond immediately to any detected threats to ensure your organisation is protected.

Many of our clients regard our Managed Firewall service as a vital component of not just their IT systems, but of their operation as a whole.


Benefits of Managed Firewalls

  •  24x7 monitoring and protecting company systems and data
  • Alert to threats BEFORE damage is done!


  • Let our certified and experienced security analysts remove the burden of security monitoring from your management team
  • Using our expert team frees up your own resources in terms of staff and time


  • Requirements for perimeter security, log analysis and access control are met


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