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Aug 30, 2020 | IT Services

Managed IT services are the perfect solution for businesses seeking to outsource their IT support. For small businesses, hiring a dedicated team of industry professionals can be costly and may be a source of distraction from essential business operations. With managed IT services, technical support has never been easier – from network security to wireless connectivity, an IT provider will ensure your digital peace of mind allowing you to focus on your business goals. 

Historically, IT support systems responded to issues as they arose, whereas today’s services offer committed support aimed at keeping your business running at its optimal levels. This new way of managing IT services aims to provide the highest quality solutions that meet all your technological requirements, 24/7. These services cover a wide range of issues – whether it be wireless access points, databases and file systems, network connectivity (and digital infrastructure) or cybersecurity. Enlisting the services of qualified professionals is a stress-free way to manage the digital aspects of your business.

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Performance improvements you can expect with managed IT services

Managed IT Services

Typically, when you outsource your IT to a Managed Service Provider (MSP), before anything else, the current systems in place would be examined. This allows for a thorough understanding of what file structures, network protocols and hardware solutions have been implemented which, in turn, would let the MSP best decide how to both improve on the current system and resolve any outstanding issues. From there, the most effective strategy can be decided upon. This plan will address the most pressing concerns and include approaches to maintaining, strengthening and growing your current infrastructure.

The systems required to help you meet your business goals and the types of accompanying services which can be expected are:

  • Network and cloud solutions. An MSP can resolve any connectivity issues you may be having (like slow download speeds or poor wi-fi range), arrange for more wireless access points, organise regular off-site backups and oversee any transitions to cloud-based computing.
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  • Data solutions.Regular backups are critical nowadays asdata has never been more valuable and the risk of data theft has never been greater. Unfortunately, backups can be tedious, time-consuming and inefficient. An MSP will remove this hassle and ensure that backups of the desired type (physical, online or both) are made at the optimal frequency. Furthermore, in the event of a data breach, a dedicated team of technicians will be able to recover lost or compromised files as quickly as possible.
  • Cyber Security. Cybercrime increases steadily each year as businesses rely more and more on technology. Cybercriminals are persistent, and the types of attacks on data have become more intelligent and delusive. Hence, cybersecurity is now essential to businesses of all sizes. Cybersecurity involves managing strong antivirus software, fortifying firewalls, protecting information flowing in and out of your business and patching any vulnerabilities – all fundamental ways of protecting your business. This, of course, can be overwhelming which is where a trusted MSP can reduce this pressure by anticipating, protecting and responding to all cyber threats.
  • Software solutions. To keep your devices safe and efficient, regular software updates need to be performed. These can be tedious if done manually across multiple devices, but with the assistance of an MSP updates can occur during off-peak hours to avoid disruptions to day-to-day business activities.
  • Hardware Solutions. These services cover the physical aspects of any technology used in your business. This may include installing more workstations, setting up mobile devices, updating operating systems, installing cabling and upgrading devices each year.

Why outsource managed IT services?

  • Increase business efficiency. Hiring and managing a suitable team of IT experts to work in-house comes with it’s own challenges and costs. An MSP removes the hassle of handling IT issues which may slow your business operations. All the time-consuming tech issues that require hours of novice attention can be resolved rapidly by a team of industry professionals. An MSP will reduce the amount of downtime your business may face as a result of any digital disasters.
  • Improve your digital systems. Because MSPs provide their services round the clock, support can be given proactively. With a team managing your tech problems may be spotted and rectified before they occur. Likewise, consistent monitoring of the systems in place ensures that the hardware and software used is running at optimal levels. And instead of waiting years to execute long-overdue updates and upgrades to your systems an MSP will ensure that you are kept up-to-date.
  • Optimise cybersecurity. When an expert team focuses on your cybersecurity instead of individual employees, the chances of attackers successfully gaining access to your business are greatly reduced and the likelihood of data theft is minimised through the consistent monitoring of the defences installed. The extensive knowledge of the rapidly changing world of cybercrime that a MSP possesses helps to ensure that your business is best protected.
  • Reduce costs. A lack of experience and complex technical knowledge often leads to higher expenses with in-house problem solving. With a team of highly-qualified professionals overseeing all of your organisation’s technology, the performance of your systems is guaranteed to be maximised while costs are minimised.

At 9spheres Technologies, our managed services are guaranteed to meet all of your technological needs. Our on-site services, fast response times and comprehensive IT support will ensure that any technical issues you may face will be resolved rapidly and to a high standard.

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