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With more than 20 years experience in the industry, we design, implement and support IT Solutions for companies, ranging in size from small to midsize businesses. We pride ourselves on our high levels of service and constantly strive to keep it on a professional yet personal level. Our focus is on building long term relationships with our clients and we do so by holding ourselves accountable for all of our work.

We are experts in Network Infrastructure Design, Mobility and Remote Connectivity, Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions, and Network and Desktop IT Solutions.

9spheres Technologies is committed to reducing downtime, maintaining high levels of responsiveness while still ensuring the highest levels of flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Mission statement

"To provide the best network services to the industry coupled with the expertise and experience to fully back and support any of our solutions. 9spheres Technologies are committed to embracing new technologies and innovations and will endeavour to deliver these solutions to you at a cost-effective and competitive price."

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[T] 07 3149 3447
[E] bringiton@9spheres.com.au

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9spheres Technologies have achieved Symantec SMB Specialised accreditation. This accreditation is a recognition from Symantec and confirms that we have the knowledge to provide the correct solutions and expertise to our clients. It also allows us to forward any benefits we derive from this accreditation directly onto our clients.