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Shared Helpdesk

Shared Helpdesk Services Brisbane Australia

Your business operations are too important to be left to Information Technology helpdesk’s that are inadequate, unreliable, take days to respond and don’t fix problems permanently. It unfortunately costs too much in wasted time, money and business resources.

Partner with 9spheres for state of the art shared services, top notch customer service, extensive knowledge base and good old fashioned, superior customer and technical support services.

You need to outsource to the best in the business, as it provides the best financial, business and operational return.

Use our customer service support team to better service your business Information Technology needs and requirements.

9spheres has a dedicated model with proven success in Information Technology service management.

At 9spheres you are guaranteed:

  • SLA response times
  • Case Management System
  • Australian customer support
  • Pro-active rather than reactive customer support
  • Easy to understand English with no technical jargon
  • Clear escalation path
  • Single point of contact
  • Improved Information Technology systems reliability
  • Unlimited remote, desktop & telephone support
  • Out of hours customer support
  • On-site customer support when necessary
  • Customer Relationship Manager’s
  • Fixed monthly costs
  • No unexpected invoices
  • Best in class customer service

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